UNIVERSAL Eisen und Stahl GmbH


We are specialized in meeting your specific needs and provide a
comprehensive service offering from a single source.
We are in the position to do so thanks to our extensive network
of experienced and ISO-certified partners.

The combination of specialist technical knowledge, industry experience
and the creative aptitude to develop new solutions makes us a proven
market leader in several fields.

An overview of our processing options:

Torch cutting / plasma cutting - LOCATION  HANOVER
Torch cutting / plasma cutting - LOCATION  NEUSS
Chamfering (grinding and robots)
Drilling / threading
Welding of structures
Edging and cutting

Cylindrical and beveled rolled plates, strip also up to plate
thickness 200 mm
Plate thickness5 –120 mm
Diameter250 – 5.000 mm
Welding processMAG, MIG, E-Hand, UP

Cold working
Edge lengthup to 22 m
Material thicknessdependent on the edge length up to 140 mm
Hot forming on request.

Mechanical processing
Minor mechanics
Drilling, milling, rotating 
Large mechanics up to 50 t 
Reaming applianceMachining area: 4 x 4 m
Milling – Reaming applianceMachining area: 3 x 10 m
Rotating tableup to diameter 5 m

Chamfer grind hand aggregate
and hand chamfer grinder
Sizes: 3,000 x 5,000 mm
Heat treatment, stress relievedSizes: 1,200 x 2,200 mm
Portal chamfer robot autogenousup to 350 mm
Work area: 4,000 x 16,000 mm
Chamfer belt sander3 – 100 mm
Lengths: max. 9,000 mm

Marking and packing
Shot blastinghand and machine
Primingweld- and special coating
Painting/coverthin- and thick paint coat
Inspectiontesting, Third Party Inspection
Packingtransport and customer specific packing

Component assembly
Welding component assembly class E according to DIN 18800-7,
DIN 15018 incl. mech. handling also EN 1090 and colouring.
Up to 50 t/pcs.