UNIVERSAL Eisen und Stahl GmbH


Universal Eisen und Stahl GmbH has been the heavy plate specialist
among German steel trading businesses since 1958. With an extensive
range of common grades and sizes, and a permanent stock of some
60,000 tons, Universal is a key global player for all heavy plate
consumer needs. Besides our many standard solutions, we also
cater to your specific personal needs by manufacturing products
at our just-in-time production facilities in line with your exact requirements. 
In doing so, you benefit from our many years of experience as a proven
industry specialist, our flexibility and the dedication and commitment
with which we approach each and every customer order.

Quality employees
At Universal, you will be served only by seasoned, highly-qualified staff
with extensive experience and profound knowledge in the field of heavy
plates in all areas of our service offering: from purchasing and consulting
to treatment and processing.

Quality management
Universal is a competent, well-established partner who will tend to your
orders with the utmost professionalism. Our highly sophisticated quality
management system is a standard element of our business activities.
Universal was also the very first in the industry to install a quality management
system and to be certified by Germanischer Lloyd in accordance with
DIN EN/ISO 9002. To obtain attestation of your plates, we collaborate
with recognized classification societies.

Speed is a key factor when it comes to logistics. Universal has managed
to establish an exceptional framework to ensure reliable just-in-time deliveries:
All Universal warehouse facilities are designed on the basis of the very latest
state-of-the-art logistics principles. They are located at waterways and
are just as easily accessible by ship are they are by train or truck.
These optimally accessible locations are part of a large network spanning '
across all of Europe. Universal is therefore in the optimal position to respond
'to your needs in a flexible and speedy manner.
And if you happen to be in a hurry, we also offer an express service.

Worldwide presence
Our global corporate network offers you several valuable logistical
benefits: Our headquarters are located in central port of Neuss,
right in the center of Germany's Rhineland region. Further domestic
subsidiaries are located in Hanover, Nuremberg, Zwickau and Stuttgart.
In addition to this, Universal is represented by numerous
subsidiaries and offices throughout Europe and the rest of the
world to cater to your specific needs.

We provide detailed information on each and every one of our products
so that you can easily become acquainted with the broad diversity
of the Universal product range. Not only do we inform you on our current
stocks and our entire storage program, we also provide detailed
information on the chemical composition and mechanical properties of
our products in line with the latest state of the art. We make our
entire product range fully transparent for you down to the very
last detail. Our seasoned consultants are there to provide further
assistance in helping you make the rights decisions.

Full service worldwide
With our extensive range of services, we are the full service partner
you can rely on in all matters pertaining to steel.
From trade matters to sophisticated logistics, effective warehousing
and careful processing, you can expect it all - full service worldwide
with Universal.